Neuro Qualitative

What is NeuroQualitative?


Qualitative raised to neuroscience

We raise the power of the qualitative analysis applying the techniques of neuroscientific technology.


Neuroscientific Technology

We use a noninvasive technique that measures through electrodermal activity, levels of emotion and attention.


A combination of Success

The sum of Neuromarketing and qualitative techniques allows us access to aspects that we sensed so far, but could not reach nor measured before.


The group analysis

The group perspective is essential when drawing up the most appropriate strategy. We use neuroscientific techniques applied beyond the individual, analyzing the processes of attention and emotion of the groups, along with his speech.


Emotion & Attention

What strikes us and make us react, that's the key of NeuroQualitative. Objectively locate and analyzed these levers from the speech of users.


Conscious and non conscious

We can now complete with objective data taken from the users unconscious reactions, the conscience data we were obtaining.



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